Oh hello there, stranger. I am Zelyn, a 1997 September baby, raised in Penang, Malaysia, currently studying in New Jersey, United States, and welcome to my blog! Here is where you will find me blabbing about my travel adventures, random food finds, fashion inspirations, late night thoughts, basically, mostly about my insignificant life as a young adult who's currently in the midst of creating and finding herself. 

My blog has served as a platform for me to express my thoughts and sudden bursts of creativity since I was 14 and it will continue to serve as that for me as I will continue to document my daily musings because one day, I will look back at my old posts and see how much I've grown as a person. If you're interested in my pursuit of self-discovery, do keep on reading!

If you have any blog post request for me, do send me a request here.